Why Solventless?

It's the Pinnacle of Cannabis

Naturally derived, Water-processed Cannabis Concentrates using NO solvents.
LIVE washed Trichomes and Rosin from Humboldt for clarity of taste and effect. 

For the cannabis purist, nothing surpasses LIVE Trichomes or Rosin for unadulterated clarity of taste and effect, let alone the security of knowing it’s a naturally derived substance going into their lungs!

At FullyMelted, we pride ourselves on making LIVE Solventless extracts, using NO solvents, chemicals, or additives of any kind… We start by freezing the flower (yes, the flower) immediately upon harvest, to capture the Trichomes in their living state. Then we winnow them from the plant using nothing but water. The resulting product – LIVE Trichomes (from small Humboldt farms) are simply the purest cannabis concentrates you can obtain. But, they are fragile…
So we make Rosin. Technically, using nothing but heat and pressure, we extract the cannabinoids and terpenes thereby increasing potency and stability. 

LIVE washed Trichomes

If you’ve studied concentrates, you know that it all began with hashish, and that the development of water processing changed hash for good.

Solventless Rosin

Solvent Extraction, however, is another matter. Solvents, such as butane, ethanol, and CO2 have differing molecular affinities for cannabinoids and terpenes. This means the cannabinoid and terpene profile will be different with each, and never match the original pure trichome. For the purist, Toxic environmental questions remain, as solvents also carry other toxic impurities from their own manufacture, or from reuse in closed loop systems. After further chemical processing, the distillate is diluted with additives and flavors that can never duplicate the original essence.

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