Preserving the Essence

Hashish production is a tradition reaching back a thousand years in written history, with several cultures priding themselves on their process and product. The hashes of yore, be they the fabled hand rubbed Nepalese Temple Balls, Gold Stamped kilo slabs of Afghani, Red or Blonde Lebanese, Moroccan Kif, or the extremely rare Pakistani Goo have fallen from sight, as the hybrid indoor weed surpassed the lower grades in THC.

But the hash cultures understood that smoking the plant was never intended, the trichome is the treasure, and that the plant gives up this fruit to those who know how to pick it. Here in the US, the great water hash that preceded the oil market was rebuffed by early lab testing, which revealed high bacterial counts, and damaged its medical reputation, seeding the ground for the extraction revolution.

With the advent of extraction technology, however, the innate connection to the plant, and respect for its true essence, the trichome, has been lost. In the mass production race to the bottom, from shatter to distillate and the ubiquitous vape cart, cannabis consumers have been pushed further and further from the plant, and more and more toward the chemistry of convenience, the exact opposite of the cannabis revolution.

But solventless purists have made their own technical advancements, eliminating bacterial problems, moving to fresh frozen flower, and much more. These advancements guarantee that the purest, cleanest, tastiest, full spectrum concentrates are invariably solventless.

At FullyMelted®, our love of the plant and planet has pushed us to develop the most advanced and environmentally responsible production methods. We capture the true essence of nature, the cannabis plant’s own conversion of sunlight, fresh mountain air, water, and myco-bio-logically active soil, into a concentrate as amazing as the last squeeze of a live flower before harvest.


Fresh Frozen Trichomes & Live Rosin, Using Pure Humboldt Cannabis

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