How to Use

If you're a moderate cannabis consumer, and titrated, mindful, or medical dosage is what you seek, now is the time to go solventless.

While the simplicity, discreteness, and ubiquity of cartridges may have made using concentrates convenient, there is no doubt that even clean, regulated products have been through extensive chemical processing and reformation that strips out the natural cannabinoid and terpene profile, and replaces it with another. Not to mention the fact that the carts themselves may leach metals before littering the landscape. 

Our solventless trichomes and rosin present the cleanest and purest option for cannabis consumption, with the least impact on the pulmonary system. Granted, they come in raw form, so you need to use a vaporizer, but those we recommend allow you to reach your desired effect level as efficiently and discreetly as cart, while experiencing the ultimate purity of cannabis.

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