Trichomes & Rosin

FullyMelted® Top-Shelf Solventless

Fresh frozen cannabis and advanced water-processing with NO solvents.
Our LIVE Trichomes & Rosin preserve the highest level of cannabinoids and terpenes.

LIVE Trichomes

At FullyMelted, we combine fresh frozen cannabis (to preserve the highest level of terpenes) with advanced water processing techniques (NO solvents) to create LIVE Trichomes, as fresh as squeezing a bud under a harvest moon. These are exceedingly rare, however, for while we love full sun outdoor grown cannabis, we cannot allow one speck of dust to mar their visual perfection.
Our LIVE Trichomes range in THCA content at >60% depending on cultivar and micron size.

LIVE Rosin

LIVE Rosin production allows us to extract the cannabinoids from our LIVE Trichomes without any of the chemical solvents used in other concentrates. Solvents are not only environmentally unsound, they distort the flavor profile. Using exacting temperatures and pressures, we squeeze the cannabinoids out of the trichomes, leaving golden pools of slightly more concentrated extract, with little or no loss of terpenes. Live Rosins range in THCA content at ~75% depending on cultivar.

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